Carbon Offsetting Made Simple

We all create carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions when we use fossil fuels, such as driving or flying. It has been shown that these emissions are contributing to climate change.

Carbon offsets make it possible for people and businesses to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions they are responsible for, by reducing or displacing the CO2 in another place, such as reducing the use of fossil fuels used for power. However, it is important to remember that offsetting your emissions does not “undo” them.

Carbon offsets can include energy like wind and solar power, energy efficiency, and reforestation projects.

Through Sustainable Travel International, Small World Journeys has chosen to contribute to carbon offset projects. By taking a trip with Small World Journeys, you are also supporting high-quality carbon offset projects, and increasing global demand for cleaner energy.

While Small World Journeys does calculate the carbon footprint of both our trips and office operations, we feel that letting you calculate your carbon footprint is also valuable educational tool:

Carbon Calculator (it takes a moment to load!):