Aboriginal Culture

To know Australia is to discover Aboriginal culture. Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest continuous culture in the world. Tribal groups had their own languages, traditions, and customs, many of which still exist today.

Introduce your students to a 40,000-year-old culture, and see what parallels exist between Australian aborigines and the indigenous people of their home country.


Aboriginal Culture is featured in all of the following educational excursions:

Aboriginal Culture Discovery - 5 Day Adventure

5 Days / 4 Nights

Introducing Australia's Indigenous People & Culture

Trips starting from: $997 per student

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Farm visit in Far north Queensland

Agriculture and Agronomy - 9 Day Adventure

9 Days / 8 Nights

Agriculture in the Australian Tropics

Trips starting from: $2098 per student

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Surf camp in Sydney Australia

Australia Highlights - 9 Day Adventure

9 Days / 8 Nights

Australia's Wild Country and Characters

Trips starting from: $2164 per student

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student tour new zealand

Australia-New Zealand - 14 Day Adventure

14 days/13 nights

The Best of New Zealand and Australia!

Trips starting from: from $3994 AUD

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Australian Tropical Biology - 13 Day Adventure

13 Days / 12 Nights

Marine and Terrestrial Biology in the Tropics

Trips starting from: $2968 per student

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Aussie Adventure - 12 Day Adventure

12 Days / 11 Nights

Sydney, Cairns Reef, Rainforest and Outback: Adventure in Each Location

Trips starting from: $3490 per student

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Learning to crack a whip on student tour to the outback

Best of Australia - 10 Day Adventure

10 days/9 nights

Unforgettable Sydney, Moreton Island, Rainforest, Outback and Reef

Trips starting from: $2898 per student

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Studying ecosystems at Risk at the Great barrier Reef

Ecosystems at Risk: Reef and Rainforests - 6 Days

6 Days / 5 Nights

Geography Studies at The Earth's Biodiversity Hot Spots

Trips starting from: $1498 per student

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Outback Australia Farm and Throwing Boomerangs

Outback, Reef and Rainforest - 7 Day Adventure

7 Days / 6 Nights

Three Diverse Regions Within One Compact Trip

Trips starting from: $1680 per student

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Sustainability Studies and Tree Planting

Community Service & Sustainability - 9 Day Adventure

9 Days / 8 Nights

Service Projects and Sustainability Learning in One Fun Trip

Trips starting from: $2296 per student

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Through Small World Journeys’ relationships with members of the Yidinji, Tjapukai, Jirrbal and Kuku Yalanji clans, we can match the cultural learning objectives of any student group. Contact us learn more about how your students can benefit from one of our Educational Adventures.

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Rainforest Walk with Aboriginal Elder

Rainforest Walk with Aboriginal Elder

Meet with and talk to members of one of Australia’s last remaining rainforest culture that has retained its language and traditions. By walking in the rainforest with an Aboriginal elder, learn how Aboriginal people found their food, made fire, found medicine and even soap from what the Daintree Rainforest had to offer. View important rock art, and understand the culture’s rites of passage and traditions.

Traditional Hunting and Tracking

Traditional Hunting and Tracking

Let two brothers of the Kuku Yalanji tribe help your students find mud crabs, mussels, and other “bush tucker” (food) among the mangroves. Then learn how to throw spears to catch seafood the traditional way, and cook up what you’ve caught.

Discovery with an Aboriginal

Discovery with an Aboriginal "surface archaeologist"

Meet an Aboriginal Yirrganydji elder to see the Cairns region through his eyes. Having worked with the Historical Society for more than 20 years to research Indigenous artefacts as a “surface archaeologist”, your guide is also an author and a source of many compelling stories. Starting at a local museum, your guide tells of life sanctioned on Aboriginal Reserves in Cairns and about the significance of land and sea country to his people.

Dance Performance

Dance Performance

Witness a dance performance at an Aboriginal culture park. Held in an outdoor theatre set in a natural forest amphitheatre, watch a live performance celebrating traditional Tjapukai corroborees and song.

Overnight expereience with the Mandingalbay Yidinji people

Overnight expereience with the Mandingalbay Yidinji people

With an overnight experience you are led by Mandingalbay Yidinji people into their “country”, which straddles the Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef World Heritage areas.  You learn some of the work that Aboriginal rangers are doing to manage their land, through both traditional and contemporary methods.  As you hike to a set waterfalls in the national park, you learn how wind is important in hunting, how the Mandingalbay Yidinji people turned poisonous seeds into bread dough, and why and where they migrated with the seasons.  You enjoy a campout with a traditional meal cooked in the ground

Boomerang Throwing and Painting

Boomerang Throwing and Painting

Yes, they actually come back to you! Understand the significance of the boomerang and how they were cleverly used for hunting. Learn proper throwing technique and what makes them return. Listen to the Aboriginal story telling, and then create the story through your art on the boomerang.

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