Australian Wildlife

For student groups visiting Australia, seeing Aussie wildlife always tops the list of things to do. Australia is king of the marsupials (pouch-dwellers like koalas and kangaroos) and monotremes (egg-laying mammals – the echinda and platypus) and hosts a collection of unusual animals found nowhere else on the planet. On tours with Small World Journeys, you can encounter locally endemic species, meet endangered wildlife, and discover the incomparable marine life of The Great Barrier Reef.

Our tours that include wildlife spotting and widlife interaction include:

Surf camp in Sydney Australia

Australia Highlights - 9 Day Adventure

9 Days / 8 Nights

Australia's Wild Country and Characters

Trips starting from: $2164 per student

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student tour new zealand

Australia-New Zealand - 14 Day Adventure

14 days/13 nights

The Best of New Zealand and Australia!

Trips starting from: from $3994 AUD

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Daintree Rainforest Service project

Biology Camp - 7 Days

7 days/ 6 nights

A Comprehensive Camp for Biology Students

Trips starting from: $1668 per student

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Australian Tropical Biology - 13 Day Adventure

13 Days / 12 Nights

Marine and Terrestrial Biology in the Tropics

Trips starting from: $2968 per student

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Aussie Adventure - 12 Day Adventure

12 Days / 11 Nights

Sydney, Cairns Reef, Rainforest and Outback: Adventure in Each Location

Trips starting from: $3490 per student

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Learning to crack a whip on student tour to the outback

Best of Australia - 10 Day Adventure

10 days/9 nights

Unforgettable Sydney, Moreton Island, Rainforest, Outback and Reef

Trips starting from: $2898 per student

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Outback Australia Farm and Throwing Boomerangs

Outback, Reef and Rainforest - 7 Day Adventure

7 Days / 6 Nights

Three Diverse Regions Within One Compact Trip

Trips starting from: $1680 per student

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Nemo in Anenome at Great Barrier Reef

Reef and Marine Studies - 5 Day Adventure

5 Days / 4 Nights

Marine Science in Paradise

Trips starting from: $1195 per student

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Sustainability Studies and Tree Planting

Community Service & Sustainability - 9 Day Adventure

9 Days / 8 Nights

Service Projects and Sustainability Learning in One Fun Trip

Trips starting from: $2296 per student

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The Sydney Opera House

Sydney Spectacular - 6 Day Adventure

6 Days / 5 Nights

Sydney's Art, Culture and History in a Fun Package

Trips starting from: $1265 per student

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Encounter Endemic and Endangered Wildlife

Encounter Endemic and Endangered Wildlife

In the Wet Tropics UNESCO World Heritage area near Cairns, unique and beautiful creatures like the southern cassowary–a giant flightless bird with a brilliant blue head and neck–have become endangered. in the care of a naturalist guide, learn more about endemic species to the Wet Tropics, such as Boyd’s Forest Dragons, and look for these creatures in the wild.

Learn About the Creatures of The Great Barrier Reef

Learn About the Creatures of The Great Barrier Reef

In the care of a marine biologist, learn The Great Barrier Reef’s main plant and animal groups, how to identify its fish, and even how to find “Nemo”. For more intense marine studies, snorkel or dive at the reef while learning about marine ecology, coral biology, phylogeny, ecosystems at risk: threatened species and the consequences of climate change on the reef, as well as the effects of ecotourism.


Study "Indicator" Species in Ecosystems at Risk

An indicator species, or bioindicator, is one that is sensitive to eonvironmental change and therefore can act as an early warning to monitoring biologists. Together with a naturalist guide, visit ecosystems at risk and study how the health and numbers of indicator species are analysed, and what they say about the overall condition of the environment.

Discover the Monotremes

Discover the Monotremes

Monotremes are one of nature’s bizarre but fascinating animal groups. Australia and Papua New Guinea have the only surviving examples of these unique egg-laying mammals! The echidna and the duck-billed platypus are notoriously shy, but with our naturalist guides, you may just spot one of these elusive creatures.


Cuddle Classic Aussie Creatures

Cuddle Classic Aussie Creatures

Most visitors to Australia cannot resist having their photo taken with an adorable koala, a symbol of Australia and the most beloved marsupial. For the brave ones, have your photo taken with a baby crocodile or a slithering python.

Get Acquainted with Crocodiles

Get Acquainted with Crocodiles

Look for crocs in the wild on an eco-friendly solar-powered river boat in Daintree National Park. An on board “croc-cam” lets you get up close and personal with these magnificent estuarine crocodiles. Alternatively, visit a crocodile farm to learn more about their mating and eating habits, how they catch their prey, and what they do for survival.

Photo Credit: Dr. Martin Cohen

Behind-the-Scenes Service Work at a Wildlife Park

Behind-the-Scenes Service Work at a Wildlife Park

Set up “camp” at a wildlife park that also serves as a hospital and rehabilitation centre for countless injured, sick, and orphaned animals. You get a special behind-the-scenes experience of the sanctuary at night and you stay in a sheltered area as a group. The next morning you have the opportunity to do service work that helps keep this sanctuary going. You may be asked to help with repairing enclosures for birds, landscape work in the open-air kangaroo area, or collecting gum tree leaves for the koalas’ food.

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