Safety & Credentials

  • Small World Journeys is privately owned, family-run business and insured for up to $20,000,000 with QBE Insurance, underwritten by AIB Agency. We have had hundreds of students successfully travel on our programs.


  • We have an Inbound Tour Operator’s License through Queensland government, as well as a Transport Operator’s certification through Queensland Transport.


  • We have had hundreds of students travel with us, and our safety record is excellent.  Ask us for teacher references specifically regarding safety. We carry a first aid kit in our vehicles, as well as on the guide’s person when in remote areas.


  • Our guides have government-issued authorisations to work with children. This is issued after an extensive background check. Students are always supervised during guided activities, and in cases where there are no teacher/leaders accompanying the students, 24-hour supervision is provided by Small World Journeys staff.


  • Our guides also have a Senior First Aid certificate, Queensland Driver’s Authority, and backgrounds having worked with young people.


  • Our guides have various backgrounds in environmental sciences and education. Among other things, our guides’ qualifications include high school teacher, park ranger, turtle researcher, field guide author, experiential educator, wildlife keeper, marine biologist, zoologist, wildlife photographer and PhD recipient.


  • We have both a Critical Incident Management Plan and a Risk Management Strategy in place. Student groups receive a customised risk assessment plan based on their specific activities upon request. This will detail how we mitigate risk while driving, students are swimming, etc.


  • We have a 24-hour mobile number that parents may ring at any time during their child’s trip if there is an emergency, and we will also provide you with contact details of where your child is each night.


  • We are a member of Tourism Tropical North Queensland, The Adventure Travel Trade Association, The International Ecotourism Society, and Sustainable Travel International.
  • Small World Journeys was named in The Top Ten Environmentally Friendly Travel Companies by The Ecologist.  Yay!


Documentation of any of the above gladly provided on request. Click here for teacher testimonials